Rasmussen University Fingerprinting
Rasmussen University Fingerprinting

Fingerprints By Live Scan

Rasmussen University Fingerprinting

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Which campus are you attending?:Tampa/Brandon Campus (V29030051)
Location:New Tampa
Fingerprinting for your Rasmussen University Requirement 
  • Professional Fingerprinting Session with trained Fingerprint Technician
  • Submission of fingerprints to selected ORI #
  • Automatic Reporting to your selected campus
  • Electronic Fingerprint Tracking Link

Fingerprints By Live Scan offer fingerprinting for Rasmussen University to assist with the admission process and fulfill the admission requirements for the background check.

Our reliable, secure system accurately captures fingerprints and performs detailed screenings for criminal records, ensuring that only eligible applicants are considered for admission.

This process is required for all applicants of the university and is completed quickly and efficiently to ensure a smooth admissions process.

**This fingerprinting is for enrollment requirement purposes at Rasmussen University**

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